How to Know if You Have Termites?

We cannot stress strongly enough how important it is in Australia that a homeowner has regular (and we recommend annual) termite inspections of their home. Some homeowners are not aware that their home insurance does not cover damage caused by termites, so it is vital that they have a termite management system in place.

Does my home have termites?

It can be extremely hard to detect termites which is why it is advisable that you get a professional termite inspection, as the damaged being caused by termites can be hidden as they eat the inside of timber structures just leaving a thin shell to protect themselves from the outside.  A few things to look out for if you are concerned about termites are the following tell tales signs of termite activity in a home:

  • Power points are shorting – it is not uncommon for termites to build a nest inside power points as they are attracted to the warmth generated by electrical fittings.
  • Timber fixtures such as doorways or skirtings can become uneven and damaged easily as the termites eat the timber from within.
  • Termite workings (tubes) can sometimes be seen coming of timber frames/skirtings as a brown mark/tubing which could indicate that there is termite activity in the frame/skirting.

What do I do if I find termites?

If you should find termites in your home or a nest in your garden do not disturb the termites and call a professional to treat the nest as soon as possible.  If the termites become disturbed or exposed to light, they will leave the area to set up a nest elsewhere and start the damage all over again.

Is there a way to reduce the risk of termites damaging my home?

There is no 100% guaranteed method to prevent termites from entering your home or property, but you can take measures to reduce the risks:

Never have garden beds built up against a home where they cover weep holes in brickwork which will prevent the moisture from draining out.

Don’t store any old timber against your home, fence or timber retaining walls.

Consider termite resistant building materials if constructing a new home.

Termites love damp conditions so fix damaged or leaking pipes which may cause damp conditions and ensure areas are well ventilated.

Have a professional termite inspection at least annually but more often if you are in an area that may be considered high risk.  Termites can enter a home at any time so the sooner they are detected and treated the better.

Consider a termite barrier, either physical, chemical or bait stations to provide your home with ongoing termite protection. If you have a barrier, ensure it remains undisturbed by things such as major gardening work or new building work.

Termites cause damage to properties in Australia every year then fire, flood and storms combined and the homeowner is solely responsible for the cost of fixing that damage.  Prevent termites from eating away your investment and get an annual termite inspection for your peace of mind.

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