Termite Baiting Systems – Benefits & Cost

What are the benefits of Termite Baiting Systems?

If you would prefer a chemical free alternative to termite management a termite baiting system might be the right choice for your property.  A termite baiting system is a system whereby plastic bait stations that containing wood are installed around a property at 3 m intervals.  The bait stations are designed to attract any termites that could be in the area to the bait rather than them entering your home.  The bait stations need to be monitored between 1 – 3 monthly depending on the termite activity.

Once monitoring has begun and termite activity has been detected the bait station will be loaded with a cellulose material that contains a slow acting termiticide.  The termites that enter the bait station then take the treated bait back to the colony where the remaining termites feed on it.  Once the rest of the colony has been affected by the termiticide it can take between 1 – 3 months to eliminate the colony.

It is recommended that a termite inspection is still carried out annually in conjunction with the bait station monitoring to ensure that you property remains termite free.

How Much Does Termite Baiting System Cost?

A baiting system needs to be checked monthly which would be covered by an annual service fee.  The cost of a baiting system can range from $2000 – $3000 which would include the first years monthly maintenance.