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Termite Choices is a Brisbane based termite inspection & termite treatment company servicing Brisbane Metro, surrounding suburbs, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. We provide cost effective, professional termite inspection & termite treatment services that safeguard domestic and commercial properties and their occupants from termites. With over 10 years of experience treating termites, our Brisbane termite control team is ready to help you with your termite problem!

Why Choose Termite Choices for Your Termite Management

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Why You Need Termite Treatment

Termites cause severe structural damage to your building, which can be financially devastating if it continues for long enough. It is estimated that pests infest and damage 1 in every 5 houses in Australia and are responsible for more than $100 million of damage to homes each year, which is not covered by insurance. So what are you waiting for?

How Termite Choices Can Help with Your Termite Treatment

We use state-of-the-art technology for Brisbane termite inspections, to ensure that we treat the entirety of termites within the structure and vicinity of a property to effectively eradicate them to prevent recurrence. Termite treatment needs to target and kill all termites – if any are left, they will quickly proliferate and your problem will return.


If youre wondering whether you have termites, you can look for key signs like hollowed or damaged wood, blisters in wood flooring, termite droppings or mud tubes – but its possible that you may miss any evidence of termites initially, and only notice when the problem has already caused notable destruction. The first move is to get a termite inspection, before moving onto full termite treatment to rid your Brisbane home or commercial property from termites for good.

How Does Termites Treatment Work?

Termites are quite often referred to as the silent destroyers, and unless you are having regular inspections, or the damage they have caused is plainly evident, they can go undetected for long periods of time causing sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  One of the best lines of defence you can have for your home is a termite treatment zone but how do you choose which one is right for your home.


The first step you should always take is to have a termite inspection carried out and discuss your options with a trained professional termite control technician, who will advise you on which is the best treatment for your circumstances. There are three main options that a pest control technician may discuss with you:

A Chemical Treatment Zone if a very effective means of ensuring a continuous zone around your property, that acts as a barrier preventing termites from moving through the soil and entering your home.  A Chemical Treatment Zone can be installed at a property via either a trench and treat system where a trench is excavated around a property and is treated with termiticide then backfilled.  The other means of installation is drill and inject which is used when a property is skirted by either paths or driveways or in a concrete slab foundation.  Small holes are injected through the slab which are then injected with the termiticide then sealed with plugs once complete.  The Termiticide is usually a non-repellent chemical which does not kill the termite instantly but gives it time to return to the colony where it infects other termites killing the colony at the point of origin.   A Chemical Treatment Zone can last from 5 to 8 years before it needs to be reinstated.

If your preference is to use a low chemical alternative you may want to look at an Inground Baiting System.  These systems work by providing a food source for the termites by the way of cellulose inserts such as paper, wood or cardboard installed placed in plastic bait stations located around the perimeter of a property.  The food source is treated with a low toxic IGR which affects the termite’s exoskeleton which eventually kills them as they are unable to form a new exoskeleton as they grow.  The termite will also bring the bait back to the colony infecting the termites at the point of origin.  A baiting system requires regular inspection and maintenance to remain effective.

A physical barrier is a non-toxic permanent barrier that requires little to no maintenance or renewal.  A physical barrier doesn’t kill the termites but will make it difficult for termites to enter a home.  There are a number of physical barrier options which will depend on where the barrier is required, these include reticulation systems, termite shields (ant caps), a fine grade stone particle, stainless-steel mesh and a chemically treated plastic or fabric sheeting.

Whichever system you choose it is vital to still have an annual inspection (we recommend six monthly in high-risk areas) as a barrier can be compromised by things such as additional building work to a home, large garden works or leaving items such as timber up against a home

If you should find termites on your property or in your home, whatever you do, DO NOT disturb them or try and treat them yourself, this will only cause them to move possibly leading to further infestation or damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think you have a termite nest in or around your property contact a professional pest control technician immediately. Do not disturb the nest in any way as the termites will move from the current location to another making it harder to find and treat the problem and potentially causing more damage.

It is not common knowledge that most Home and Contents insurance policies do not cover for termite damage, which is why we highly recommend an annual termite inspection. It is always best to check your insurance policy thoroughly and know what you are covered for.

We recommend an annual inspection so any termite activity can be detected and treated as soon as possible avoiding costly damage to your home.

There are a number of Termite Management Systems available and it depends on a customers property and budget as to which system is best suited.  We always recommend that a technician visits your property to assess the area needing protection and discuss the best options available. 

There is no way to 100% ensure that termites will not enter your property but there are a few simple measures you can take to reduce the risk.

→  Never store wood around or near your home or use timber sleepers for retaining walls.

→  Prevent moisture in and around your home, ensure subfloors are well ventilated and keep an eye out for leaking plumbing and have it fixed. Ensure weep holes and vents remain uncovered.

→  Soil should never be in contact with any timber structure.

What Our Customers Say

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Angus Morrison
Angus Morrison
Fantastic and prompt service. I contacted termite choices on a Sunday and they booked us in for an urgent inspection on the Tuesday.
Mark McBride
Mark McBride
I couldn’t be happier with the incredibly efficient and completely professional service these guys always provide … with never any fuss, and as though I was a member of the family, rather than a customer. Gerard is one of those guys who immediately instills complete confidence regarding his knowledge and expertise in his field and a great bloke, while Leanne, in the office, is a very pleasant and extremely efficient front line to the business. I will always give them my highest recommendation and wouldn’t consider anyone else ….. Mark McBride
Daniel Green
Daniel Green
Asked for a quote on termite barriers and received great service. Gerard was professional and knowledgable with all things termite prevention. He didn’t have to, but went out of his way to give sound advice on other issues my recently purchased property faces. A good trustworthy company.
Michelle Rohweder
Michelle Rohweder
We are extremely happy with the fantastic service we received. At last we have found a pest controller that we trust and can recommend the fantastic service they provide to all our family and friends. Would highly recommend
Scott Casson
Scott Casson
Termite Choices were reliable, professional and provide a very good value services. I would highly recommend them.
Muki Activewear
Muki Activewear
Gerard did a great job of our termite inspection. He was very thorough and while on site was able to pick up other pest issues which he was able to treat on the day as well for a small charge. Would highly recommend!
Alex Fitzsimmons
Alex Fitzsimmons
Great friendly service. Does it what it says on the can. Looked after my parents too, my mum loves the big funny Irishman.
Aidan Stewart
Aidan Stewart
Excellent service, and great people
Andrew Housego
Andrew Housego
Trustworthy, reliable and professional. Gerard did an expert job at a fraction of what I was quoted by other operators.

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