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Termites Treatment Brisbane

Are you having termite troubles? In need of treatment for your termites? Its time to tackle it! Termites, also known as white ants are an extremely destructive timber pest, causing significant structural damage to buildings.

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Why You Need Termite Treatment

A CSIRO survey found that 1 in every 3 homes in Australia has termites within the vicinity of the property. In fact, Australia is one of the highest risk places in the world, due to the warm, humid, subtropical climate, providing an appealing environment for more than 350 species of termites and more than a trillion termites in total.


Termites cause severe structural damage to your building, which can be financially devastating if it continues for long enough. It is estimated that pests infest and damage 1 in every 5 houses in Australia and are responsible for more than $100 million of damage to homes each year, which is not covered by insurance. So what are you waiting for?

How We Can Help

We use state-of-the-art technology for Brisbane termite inspections, to ensure that we treat the entirety of termites within the structure and vicinity of a property to effectively eradicate them to prevent recurrence. Termite treatment needs to target and kill all termites – if any are left, they will quickly proliferate and your problem will return.


In fact, the average termite colony exceeds one million and their lifespan is one to two years, with Queens living up to ten. As you can see, its absolutely critical that you seek the best help for termite treatment in Brisbane.


If youre wondering whether you have termites, you can look for key signs like hollowed or damaged wood, blisters in wood flooring, termite droppings or mud tubes – but its possible that you may miss any evidence of termites initially, and only notice when the problem has already caused notable destruction. The first move is to get a termite inspection, before moving onto full termite treatment to rid your Brisbane home or commercial property from termites for good.

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